Saturday, October 31, 2009

Raiment for THE MAN launched!

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I am considering exhibiting at the 11/29/09
Designer's Downtown Market in Raleigh,
and am looking for permanent space for collection.
Photographs used in designs are by my son, Chris. Of course, transfers don't give the photo full justice. Some photographs have been elaborated with fabric paint. (Chris gave me permission to play with this.)
There is other work not yet photographed for publication, including some "manly" scarves trimmed with a variety of found items.
Your feedback is welcome.

Raiment for THE MAN is launched - let me know what you think...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Raiment for Men

If you are in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, look for my man clothes at The Falls River Arts Festival October 3. This is my way of "kicking up" some classics for men that will give those who want to be a little more edgy or artsy in their classics, an alternative to simply choosing a jazzier tie. I will post some photos soon of "Raiment for Men." [Yeah, I know, despite my husband and son being exhibited photographers, my blog is sorely lacking in the thousand words you would rather see in a few great shots.]

Why "Raiment?" you wonder...A few years ago, I launched what I call "Raiment--for the Fancy in You!" which featured a line of beaded long and skinny scarves, of various luxurious fabrics, and for each season. Each of the over 200 pieces was it's own personality and these did rather well in certain places. In fact, I still have some, but sadly the market is pretty swamped with scarves leaving mine to be offered at sale prices when I am in the mood.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Patience, Persistence, Prayer ...

Sergers can require all of these! Fair warning: Don't expect to be able to sew without being committed to exercise each attribute regularly. PATIENCE with yourself, with your equipment. PERSISTENCE in attaining your goal. PRAYER before, during and after.

Even after these many years of sewing, wonderful training, and great (even if now "almost adult age" machines), I find myself needing these 3 skills as much as I need the remembrance of how to thread the needles! However delightful our electronic machines are when everything is humming along, they are sensitive, often moody, especially sergers. Keep your seam ripper(s) handy because even on a great day, perfection (or near perfection which is a much more reasonable goal) can require start over's or redirection. Have a sip of water, let the steam be released and "press on." Weave prayer throughout those frustrations, step away from the needles, see the goal ahead of you, the source of your strength behind. My mother taught me, "If anything is worth doing, it is worth doing well." Take risks (she didn't teach me that, seems inborn) -- if you have a creative vision, pursue it although you may have to toss a project or shelve it along the way.

Let's explore together what you can do with a little patience, persistence and prayer.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Why spend hours trying on swimsuits priced at $30, $60 and up, then need one size for your top and one for your bottom, only to find the switcheroo is not allowed or available? I say, let's make a custom fit, or one-size fits "most all", using recycled fabric from your local thrift shop. For less than $5, you can get enough fabric to make a couple of styles. Recycle old bras as well, or even simply bump up the style and fit of a former favorite swimsuit piece. Then add a matching wrap using a simple kimona, wrap skirt, or caftan cut! I hope you will grab a friend or two and contact me to schedule a class. This would be a perfect project for the quick to learn beginner or intermediate student of stichery and design at SEWING FOR THE AGES.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Inspiration from a star

Did you happen to see Natalie Cole's costume when she sang this week on American Idol? Now that was a great new look. The satin fabric was sumptuous and stunning. The design was a different slant on a simple style. Most people don't realize that if you know how to sew, something like this isn't that hard to create. It's one that you could actually learn in my Intermediate Level class.

Who can take these classes?

If you can read and hold a needle, I will work with you. Male, female, elementary school, tween, teen, adult with career or without,hobbyist, nursing home resident or visitor, I will work with you.

Do you feel creative, but not necessarily with a paint brush? Do you love style or making things reflect your personality? Do you want to pursue a career using needle and thread?

Maybe you are a child who won't be able to learn to sew from a relative; maybe you won't be able to take a life skills class in high school because of scheduling; or you are at a place in your older life where you now have time and interest in doing things for yourself has become very real.

You might often find yourself wishing you didn't have to take clothes to a tailor to have hemming done, seams taken in or out, or you may even have tossed loved items because of buttons needing replaced, a task you just didn't know how to do properly.

Do you know the basics, but want to know more? Do you want to make a special event item?

Is it time to jazz up your room or rooms?

What you will learn is an investment in your future and the good things sewing can bring to your family in the future.

I will be posting a list of some of the things we will cover, and I will ask for your input - where do you want to start, what do you want to learn?