Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Find my designs at Going Local NC

Raiment - for the Fancy In You is now at N. Raleigh' Going Local NC, an artisan gallery shop located at 10940-116 Raven Ridge Rd Raleigh NC 27614.  



Check out Raiment's latest collections including new fanciful and flirty tunics, trousers, and culottes, each comfortable, on trend and with a little something you won’t find elsewhere.


If you do like a style and need it created for your personal fit or fabrics, do contact me.

Remember, there is only one of each piece off the rack, but we can create your unique version.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Welcome and Getting Around

Raiment Booth at Millstock Street Festival, Clayton, NC  June 2015

I hope you will take a few minutes to explore all of my pages. You can scroll down here to see some photos of pieces from my collections and click on the page tabs at the top for more.

In fact, I've just uploaded some of the wonderful photos of the costumes I designed for the April 2015 production of Sunday in the Park with George directed by Jerome Davis at Burning Coal Theatre in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Doing these period pieces are my favorite types of costuming.  This musical required building not just the main outerwear, but corsets and bustles, top hats, French bonnets, and parasols.  For me, keeping things within a tight budget allows me to recycle fabrics and trim from thrift shop finds, recreate, reshape, and generally transform the old into the new garment.  We took apart and tweaked children's umbrellas and lace dresses for the parasols, restyled 2-piece suits into a cutaway and a tail coat, etc. Of course, some pieces are created from yardage and which may have required painting to achieve the final look.

Check back in soon for photos of new work in floaty silks and new breezy poly's.