Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Patience, Persistence, Prayer ...

Sergers can require all of these! Fair warning: Don't expect to be able to sew without being committed to exercise each attribute regularly. PATIENCE with yourself, with your equipment. PERSISTENCE in attaining your goal. PRAYER before, during and after.

Even after these many years of sewing, wonderful training, and great (even if now "almost adult age" machines), I find myself needing these 3 skills as much as I need the remembrance of how to thread the needles! However delightful our electronic machines are when everything is humming along, they are sensitive, often moody, especially sergers. Keep your seam ripper(s) handy because even on a great day, perfection (or near perfection which is a much more reasonable goal) can require start over's or redirection. Have a sip of water, let the steam be released and "press on." Weave prayer throughout those frustrations, step away from the needles, see the goal ahead of you, the source of your strength behind. My mother taught me, "If anything is worth doing, it is worth doing well." Take risks (she didn't teach me that, seems inborn) -- if you have a creative vision, pursue it although you may have to toss a project or shelve it along the way.

Let's explore together what you can do with a little patience, persistence and prayer.