Raiment Designs -- all For the Fancy in You! 

Handmade apparel and accessories designed for both stage and street, my goal is to create comfortable, dramatic and whimsical pieces often using upstyling techniques.  I bring extensive experience and training in both couture and costume design to the cutting table and hope to make affordable collections where no two pieces are exactly alike.  

If you enjoy wearing "out-of-the-box" styles when attending special events or prefer garments that have a particular twist on the ordinary, you are my target customer.   If you are a performer in any capacity, you are my target customer. 

Planning a stage production?  Costume design and construction for period pieces are my specialty and I love a challenge.

Choose something "off my rack" or let's customize a design for your needs & fit.   Please explore my site. Do understand all collections are limited and new pieces are always in the mix.                                                Let's talk!    Bonnie Raddatz 

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