Thursday, August 2, 2018

Getting ready to re-roll my sleeves!

Recently, and once again...I decided it was time to do some purging and reorganizing in my studio and storage!   A fun part was reviewing old Threads magazines & related pre-Internet catalogs,  pulling out a few special how-to articles or inspiration favorites and placing them in a 3-ring.  (Yes, I know, most everything they cover can be pulled from an online image, U-tube or well-written article, but it’s great to be able to flip through some actual paper without wearing out my printer.)

And what’s going on inside this red-capped head?  I’m planning to create a new line of fancy and festive occasion skirts.  Some will be restyled items and some from scratch.  Look for sequins, sparkles, tulle, brocades, textured and embellished feminine styles.

You might also see some new items in menswear silhouettes incorporating some of the above and with a character kick.  My current goal is to use some of the wonderful stash of fabrics and trim I’ve been holding onto for customers unafraid to jazz up their image once in a while.  Sizing will be as flexible as seems right and there will be items geared to children, teens and adults. 

By the way,

Haven't been able to market items in awhile due to other commitments. Will welcome your suggestions as to possible locations for indoor or outdoor marketplaces for handmade fashions

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