Monday, September 23, 2013

Raiment designs in 2013 Couture for a Cause!

Check out for full details on Couture for a Cause.  

I have gone through the application and jury process, and was accepted to design for this annual fundraising event.  Local designers create garments in two categories which will be modeled on the runway and auctioned off with proceeds to benefit the work of Activate Good.  Each designer will present a garment of courture/art to wear and ready to wear as inspired by a selected non-profit that is supported in part by Activate Good.  You can see why this opportunity is an honor and very exciting to every part of me. 

I am paired with Step Up Ministry which trains, assists and encourages individuals who are coming out of the prison system to obtain solid employment and pursue their dreams.  Well, you will find out more clearly what they do by, yes, GOING TO THEIR WEBSITE!

Speaking of websites, I am in the research and development stage of getting one up and running.  Lots of things to do as November 9th is this event and November 16th is the Fall Fashion Show and Expo.  

All I can tell you about my designs is that they will reflect my commitment to incorporating cast-off items which will be seeing new life and that they will be a tad dramatic but very wearable.  Pictures and postings on the ongoing design process will come later.  This week I hope to finalize my designs, meet & measure my model, and roll up my sleeves!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

RAIMENT to exhibit at the FALL FASHION EXPO 11/16/13

So excited to have been accepted to set up my booth at this event.  Look for RAIMENT - for the Fancy in You! 


Thursday, September 5, 2013

RED HERO CAPE and Great meeting with smart ladies from RALEIGH REDRESS!

Check out this great organization that is right up my alley (although active since 2009, I just learned about it recently)!  They assist designers in getting their products seen and sold.  Suggestions for me were to return to using the name and brand Raiment for the Fancy in You rather than Sewing for the Ages.  This I am looking into.  While I still use Raiment for much of my line, Sewing for the Ages was created to encompass designs for any age, for theatre, costume events, or just fanciful attire.  It also included the offering of custom classes.  Class offerings were not seized upon and may or may not happen in the future.  Currently, my time is devoted to creating inventory and getting it through the sale process in various venues.  I am definitely learning more and more about marketing in this on line world.  Your thoughts?

Meantime, the shiny red HERO cape is being well received.  Where is your HERO?  Selling these for $25 and remember, they hold a secret pocket for your personal Thank You Note and later for the Hero's secret.
See also on ETSY.  Search Sewing4theages - Hero Cape.