Sunday, June 5, 2016

Brocade Buttons Bows

Thankfully, the brocades, buttons and bows are done because this post finds me going into tech week for "Emilie" with limited use of only one hand after a slip & fall accident on May 31st. Ouch!  

Check it out - (Current Season, Second Stage Series) 
Emilie: La Marquise Du Chatelet Defends Her Life Tonight 
by Lauren Gunderson

Costume assistants, Nancy & Liesa, and friends, are picking up the slack to get the final costume adjustments done so that you will be transported to early 1700''s French Court when the show opens June 10th.  Actors & crew under the direction of veteran Sue Scarborough have been working diligently to bring this great biographical story to life for you.  Photos are forthcoming.

Looks like this summer won't see Raiment designs at any art/craft vendor fares as my hands heal.  Might have to find a passion besides sewing!  Ideas?