Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Who is the HERO in your day?  
How many times do you have the opportunity to recognize a HERO?  Maybe your Hero is a child now in the midst of a serious challenge or that stranger that helped you with a flat tire.  Your Hero might be a friend being celebrated for years of faithfulness, perhaps a neighbor that mowed your lawn when you were unable.  Your Hero can come in any gender or age, amazing us with their sacrifice and courage in going that extra mile for us or for others.  The first recipient of my HERO CAPE design is a 3-yr.old boy just diagnosed with leukemia and bone cancer facing 2-3 years of chemo and not certain what else.  His Aunt wanted to send him some fun and encouragement.  I didn't mention that the cape has a pocket on the inside with a suggested type of "YOU ARE MY HERO BECAUSE...." card to be included and in some cases, to be kept as a reminder of that stand up and fly time.

Consider giving your Thank You in the form of THE HERO CAPE.  (Your recipient might even pass it on to their personal hero when the time is right, birthing a new friend and family tradition in our world.)

I have photographed the cape in the standard size which can be worn by a child or adult.  This is a lined version I am retailing at $30 for now.  Soon to be photographed are unlined versions for a tad less. 
Contact me to pick one up or to see where you might find them in the future for purchase.  I hope to launch !! these at the next Saturday morning Durham Craft Market if there is no rain in the forecast since rain and dampness does not favor fabric products.


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